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Skin Lightening Warning

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If you’re in the market for skin lightening treatments or skin lightening creams, we urge you to take special care. Please read our article on the dangers of skin lightening creams, by clicking HERE.

If you are in the market for med spa skin lightening treatments, and live in the Miami or Miami Beach areas, please feel free to contact Bay Harbour Med Spa, by clicking HERE. We also offer responsible, discreet skin lightening treatments for the private part regions as well as the buttocks or anus.


Skin Lightening Treatments In Miami

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If you’d like to get a backround on the ingredients we use in our skin lightening treatments, please click HERE. Bay Harbour Med Spa is conveniently located between Miami, Miami Beach and Sunny Isles.

Miami’s Skin Lightening Treatments

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Bay Harbour Med Spa offers unique skin lightening treatments for our Miami and Miami Beach clientele. Our skin lightening treatments are effective for all skin areas, such as: underarm or armpit skin lightening, hyperpigmentation skin lightening, face and hand skin lightening, anal lightening, genital lightening and just about any other area you may be concerned with. Our skin lightening treatments are safe for all skin colors, including dark to black skin. Because we don’t use any chemicals or bleaching agents in our products, your skin’s pigment will not be compromised.

For more on our skin lightening treatment, please click HERE.

Causes of hyperpigmentation

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Causes of hyperpigmentation:

External influences such as ultraviolet rays, inflammation and hormones may cause hyperpigmentation of the skin. Bay Harbour Med Spa provides chemical free, safe skin lightening treatments, which include anal/genital lightening, throughout Miami and Miami Beach.

In an attempt to protect the skin from damage, ultraviolet rays trigger formation of the melanin. Ultraviolet rays affect cells within the epidermis as well as the dermis (layers of the skin). Dermatoheliosis, a medical term used to describe the long-term effects of ultraviolet exposure on the skin. This term encompasses everything from hyperpigmentation and DNA damage to structural changes caused by the cross linking of collage and elastin fibers, resulting in elastosis and wrinkles.

Hormones trigger the production of melanin. Altered hormone levels may result from stress, menstruation, pregnancy, birth control pills, medical conditions and some medications.

Inflammatory response in the skin generates free radicals, which in turn trigger melanocytes. This inflammation may be the result of harsh products; chemical peels; microdermabrasion; laser resurfacing; surgical procedures; and any trauma to the skin, such as cuts, abrasions and even improper extractions by an inexperienced esthetician.

For information on chemical free skin lightening treatments, please click HERE.

Bay Harbour Med Spa’s Skin Lightening System

Lighten dark spots naturally and safely with the Skin Lightening Cream System by Skin Renewal Method™.

Are you tired of having to cover up your uneven skin spots (known as dark spots) on your face, hands, elbows, knees, underarms (and even private areas)? Are you tired of having to control your hand gestures so that others wonít notice what look like polka dots on your hands?

Many women are, and believe it or not, men as well. In order to naturally reduce dark spots and regain the skin’s natural even complexion, you must first understand that there arenít any magical potions, lotions or topical creams that can outsmart the bodyís biological response (hyperpigmentation) to harmful environmental byproducts and free radicals (ex: harmful ultraviolet rays). If you have the time, patience and understand that these dark spots developed over time, therefore, it will take time to drastically reduce the dark spots, than please read about the Skin Renewal Method’s Arbutin System. If youíre looking for immediate results ( there isnít any product out that can safely, effectively do this), than this proven skin lightening cream is not the right product for you.

What is Skin Lightening System by Skin Renewal Method™?

This proven lightening cream has been in the making for years, tested, used and sold to Miami’s elite clientele since 1996. This lightening skin treatment has been in the making for years and only now, after years of trials, errors and case studies do we feel comfortable to make this product available to anyone who struggles with dark spots or uneven skin tone.

Arbutin Skin Ligthening Cream and Gel System is a gentle yet strong and effective skin lightening agent specifically formulated to counterbalance uneven skin tone and brighten the skin. The naturally based ingredients are formulated to work symbiotically to abate age spots or hyperpigmentation of the face, hands, elbows, knees, underarms (and yes, private areas as well).

What kind of changes can I expect after using the Arbutin Skin Lightening Cream and Gel System?

  • Reduction of appearance of age spots, sun spots, and uneven skin tone
  • Restoration of the production of healthy, new skin cells
  • Visible evening out of the skin tone
  • Brighter, lighter skin tone

What ingredients are in the Skin Renewal’s Skin Lightening System, and are they natural?

Yes, absolutely, the ingredients are natural and the main ingredient is a plant derivative- this ingredient is known as Arbutin. The enzyme derivatives act as catalysts which detoxify and bind toxic molecules. Because these ingredients are water soluble the free radicals can be excreted and the oxidants are neutralized. The combined activity of these enzymes help to protect the skin cells against toxins and dangerous molecules ( such as the sunís ultraviolet rays). We are all exposed to an aggregation of chemicals, free radicals and environmental pollutants.

The Arbutin contained within the cream or gel is the enzyme which is directly involved in the degradation of toxic compound- the first phase of the degradation is the enhancement of the compounds which in turn transform relatively harmless precursors into reactive chemicals. The second phase involves the Arbutin enzymesí final detoxification of the hyper- pigmented cells. By catalyzing the free radicals the enzymes bind the toxic molecules with small hydrophilic groups creating a reaction which produces solubility of the free radical latent cells.

When will I begin to see results?

Case study: by 16 weeks 92% of clients using the Arbutin Skin Renewal Method Skin Lightening cream experienced significant skin lightening of darkened or uneven skin spots. Please note: this is not a cream that will turn dark skin to white skin- it is to be used only on localized dark skin spots.

How often should the Skin Renewal Method™ system?

You should apply the cream or gel two times per day only on the affected areas. Be sure to apply this on before using any other type of cream or cosmetic. Apply with the fingertips in an upward and outward motion.,

Can the Arbutin Skin Renewal Method be used to lighten private areas?

Yes, absolutely. For more information, please click HERE

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