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Want to lose unsightly cellulite?


Cellulite Treatments: Before and After

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Bay Harbour Med Spa utilizes a patented technology, called VelaShape aka VelaSmooth, that is clinically proven to reduce cellulite. In fact, we were one of the first med spas in Miami to introduce this revolutionary cellulite treatment to South Florida.

Our technology is a cellulite treatment which is unique because of its use of both radio frequency and pulsing mechanism which stimulates circulation, lymphatic drainage, the breakdown of lipids and the synthesis of collagen and elastin right down to the dermal and subcutaneous levels of the skin.

So, just what is cellulite and how can VelaShape TM help you?

Cellulite is fatty deposits under the dermal layer of the skin that can be caused by a lack of circulation, weight gain, and a failure of the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins. We can now significantly reduce this cellulite with VelaShape because of its built-in mechanism which creates pulses. This action stimulates the growth of new capillaries (angiogenesis) therefore increasing circulation to the treated area. In addition, radio frequency is used simultaneously to trigger an enzyme that creates lipolysis, or the breakdown of lipids. VelaShape’s unique hand piece ensures the treatment can reach deep enough into the tissues to uniformly heat the dermis.

Bay Harbour Med Spa’s cellulite treatment doesn’t only help you lose cellulite. We can now re-firm and restore elasticity to aging, sagging and wrinkled skin without injectables or painful surgeries.

If you have any additional questions about VelaShape treatments in Miami, please click HERE. Feel free to call us to schedule a free consultation.

Cellulite Treatments by Bay Harbour Med Spa

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Bay Harbour Med Spa has put together this video to show case the results of our cellulite reduction treatments. For several years, clients who’ve sought out cellulite treatments in Miami, Miami Beach, Sunny Isles and Aventura have put their faith in our hands with respect to the VelaShape treatments. It is with great pride that we’ve compiled before and after pictures of some of our clients and included them in this video.

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